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Wienwoche (14.02. – 18.02.2011): Our week in Vienna

We are back from Vienna! Thirty of us from 4a and 4b and Mr Pfalzer, Mrs Weinberger and Mrs Kamleitner stayed at a youth hostel in Hirschengasse, which is not far away from the centre of the city. We had a whole floor to ourselves so we could play ping-pong, table football, watch TV or play games without any disturbance from other groups. The drawback was that our rooms were on the sixth floor, so we did a lot of walking up and down the stairs.
The programme was really interesting: We visited a lot of Vienna’s famous sights like St. Stephen’s Cathedral or Schönbrunn Palace, the Parliament Building or the Kaisergruft, the burial place of the Austrian emperors and empresses. We also saw a lot of Vienna’s modern buildings like the Hundertwasserhaus, the Ernst Happel Stadium or the Danube Tower where we sat down for a refreshing drink in the rotating restaurant.
During our visit at the ORF-Zentrum - the headquarters of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - we made a tour through the studios and made funny experiments in the Blue Box Studio. A train ride to Schwechat took us to Vienna International Airport. We passed the second of three security checks when we were on our bus tour around the airport area. The third was at the beginning of our visit to the Vienna International Centre (“UNO City”) when we left Austrian territory for an hour and a half.
For evening entertainment we went to the UCI cinema centre at Millenium City. We watched a romantic comedy on Monday and a thriller on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening nineteen of us stayed at the youth hostel to watch a football match or play games, and eleven of us went on a tour of the inner city which led us to the skating rink in front of Vienna City Hall. On Thursday, our last evening in the city, we watched a musical at the Raimund Theater. It was really wonderful. After that we went to a fast food restaurant and we returned to the youth hostel at midnight.
Our visit to a baroque church - the Karlskirche - gave us the opportunity to go up with a lift to watch the recently restored frescos. On Friday afternoon a coach took us back home to Neustadtl. We arrived there in the evening quite exhausted but full of impressions from a wonderful week in Vienna.

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